Slate Floor Tiles – An Ideal Home Improvement Floor Choice

When improving your home, whether for your own enjoyment or from a re-selling point of view, one of the obvious areas to improve on is the kitchen – often seen as the hub of the home.

Flooring in a kitchen in particular can enhance or diminish the feel of the home and as this room is considered by many to be the most central room in the house, it’s important to make sure every aspect is addressed – slate floor tiles is an easy flooring choice to make for this purpose.

Slate floor tiles have many advantages;

They are an affordable flooring and due to its hard-wearing capabilities and longevity, are one of the most cost-effective types of stone flooring.
Vast range of colours, sizes and finishes available, as well as being suitable for floors and walls.
Slate floors compliment all design types from contemporary to traditional.
Slip resistant – ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
Being so versatile, slate tiles are an ideal flooring choice. Slate floors can be complimented by an alternative wall tile such as ceramic or porcelain. Smaller rooms may benefit from the earthy smaller mosaic tiles; there is a slate solution for every room!

Colours of slate tiles vary greatly, again making this type of natural stone an easy choice. Colours available include traditional black, brown and grey, but also diversify to white, green, red, and gold.

As a metamorphic rock found all over the world, slate is a good source of thermal resistance making it ideal to use with an underfloor heating system.
All stone is porous to a varying degree. The advantage of using slate is that it is one of the least porous stones, resulting in a less-intense maintenance cleaning regime than other stone such as limestone, sandstone or terracotta.

Using specially designed grout for slate and then sealing the tile and grout will ensure the tiles look as good as new for the longest time possible. This should be repeated every few years to extend the floors life.

Laying stone floors can initially be considered quite a costly outlay compared to other types of flooring but once the decision has been made, it is vital to enlist the help of a professional to lay the stone.

Of equal importance is using a highly trained expert in the field of cleaning and restoring stone floors.
A professional stone floor cleaner will have specialised equipment and products specifically for cleaning and maintaining your particular stone. Choose a floor specialist who belongs to a governing body as they will have to adhere by strict guidelines and will provide peace of mind.

Choosing the right professional will ensure your slate floor is cleaned and protected correctly and set up a maintenance plan for the care of the floor, leaving you to enjoy your new home improvement project to its fullest.

Shannon Floor Care specialize in cleaning, polishing and protecting Slate floor tiles

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